The 2019 Writers Conference will be held Thursday, November 14 through Sunday, November 17.
Our conference will focus on craft, skill-development, and community building. Get your manuscript polished and submission-ready with how-to sessions, editing and critique, and community building. Thursday - Saturday is for adult and teen writers. Sunday is just for the kids.

All sessions are First Come, First Served. Building a schedule does NOT guarantee a spot and is for informational purposes only.
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Andy Rowe

Business Trainer, Instructional Designer, Writer
Andy Rowe has enjoyed a 25-year career as an instructional designer and business trainer.

“You see the work of the instructional designer whenever you attend a training session,” says Andy. “There are manuals, assessments, activities, facilitator notes, PowerPoint slides. It’s the job of the instructional designer to create all those materials, and every bit of it must be clear, concise, and accurate.”

Andy is also an award-winning business trainer, who has delivered some 900 presentations and seminars to over 50,000 people. His engaging and interactive style has won accolades from business people, civic leaders, students, and others across the country.

Upon retiring in 2016, Andy began to use his broad experience to teach others the importance of clarity, grammar, and punctuation. He is currently copy editor for an international magazine and has been a professional writing tutor at Cowley County Community College.

“It doesn’t matter what you’re writing, “ says Andy. “Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, a mystery or a romance, you will lose your message if it’s not built on a strong foundation of solid grammar and proper punctuation.”

The focus of the three Writing Clearly sessions Andy will be delivering at the JCL Writer’s Conference – Commas, Semicolons, and Colons; Run-on Sentences; and Paragraphs and Structure – is readability and transparency. These sessions are not for theoreticians or academics; they are for real writers in the real world. The emphasis will be on how to use punctuation and grammar to enhance your story, not impede it.

Much of the time will be spent in hands-on exercises. You will leave the session with a better grasp on how the foundational elements of language help make your writing readable and engaging.

All are welcome…hope to see you there!